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Seiko Akita Bio


Seiko began her musical studies in classical piano and organ at age 3.

She worked with Yamaha Corporation in Japan, while still attending The University of Arts where she obtained a MA in Musical Composition.

She has arranged, composed and performed for various concerts and competitions in Japan, such as Big Band Concert for Japanese Ambassadors, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra and Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. Between 1996 and 2001.


Ms. Akita produced and created new instructional materials and her own methods for composition and arrangement for the Big Band Orchestra for which she lectured a total of 400 instructors on this style at 12 locations.In addition she also worked with the Yamaha Asia division in Indonesia for instructors and musicians. In 1996 she taught and performed at 14 locations in Taiwan. Her skills were so outstanding that the Asahi Television Broadcasting Station hired her to perform Jazz on keyboard and sing for their public program in Japan.Furthermore, she worked as an organ player for the Righa Royal in Osaka Japan and performed at more than 500 ceremonies at the Hotel.


Seiko came to N.Y.C. in 2001 to expand her musical career. Since arriving she has composed and arranged for musicians and one of her recent works is a recording for the movie "Climbing Miss Sophia" with Percussionist Cafe which is set to open at the Cinema Festival in NYC 2002-2006.She initiated a music collaboration called The Brazilian Project which performed a fund raiser for AFRICA since 2002 at The National Black Theater.

she had the opportunity to play with numerous top jazz musicians from the United States. had the strongest influence for big band composed arranged w performing on her first album. (Marcha) After landing in New York City, it didn’t take long for Seiko to be embraced by her fellow musicians taught by Ronnie Mathews from Former genius pianist jazz messengers. She played and worked Liza Minnelli as rehearsal pianist, performed and recorded Lonnie Plaxico, Edison Silva Cafe as Brazilian percussionist, Ulysses Owen.jr.


New CD- Bachish Riffs (2024) Tapestry In Hell's Kitchen(2020) 

 -Make Someone Happy- (2012)  CD Marcha (2007) Temptation (2007)

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